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Born to British parents in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1976, I have been camera operating since the age of 15, an early success being a 30 second cat food commercial that went on to win on TV3’s Worlds Most Wanted Ads television program.

Later moving to Japan, I filmed a 45-minute low budget Japanese language action/drama which helped me gain entrance into a film school in Brighton. There I shot a one-minute film that became one of the top ten international short films of 2006, a 16mm documentary 'Peerless' (2006/UK), about Brighton's derelict West Pier, became available in local Brighton retail outlets. 'A.R.P' (2006/UK), and a short film about an air raid warden during the second world war, was developed into an educational pack used in schools through the south east of England.

Since 2007 I have been a camera operator and DoP on more creative and corporate productions than I can remember! Notably I pioneered the use of 35mm lens adapters (before the DSLR revolution) on a short comedy, ('Tenacity', 2008) a music video ('Innercircles, Outerfences', 2008) and a low budget feature film, 'Ambleton Delight' (2009), which went on to win Best Feature Film at the British Independent Film Festival 2010.

Soon after I began using Canon DSLRs on documentaries and corporate productions, explored the use of 3D and VR and now regularly shoot 4K on most productions with the Cinema line of Canon cameras. I also enjoy using a DJI Ronin gimbal (digital steadicam) and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to add to the creative possibilities. 

I often travel the world, filming all over Europe, in the United States, Russia, Thailand, China, Japan and Singapore. I am dedicated, professional, creative and reliable, with a clean drivers license and used to working internationally with sometimes limited kit and low budgets.

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For editing, animation and full production services, please see my production company here:

Parkes Productions Ltd
Tel: 01273 580 135
Mobile: 07914 223011
Email: dan@parkesproductions.com

Company No. 06077122
VAT Registration No. 901 7812 42